Kimber (chesterismyhero) wrote,

More fun from the video store...

As I said before, I work at a tiny video store. New rentals are $3 for 1 night except for Saturdays, when they become 2 day rentals. We also have red sticker movies that are $3 a piece for for 1 night or $5 for 3 nights if you rent 3 of them. Then we have yellow sticker and VHS movies for $1 a night..

Please don't bitch at me about rental prices and rental times. We keep rental times short because we are a tiny store. We get very few copies of popular movies and the boss doesn't think it is fair to rent those out for 2 nights and deny the other customers the ability to rent those movies. I don't care if you don't like it. Those are the rules. If you don't like it, go somewhere else!! I still get paid and I don't have to put up with your bullshit!

As I explained earlier, we have red sticker rentals that are 3 movies for $5 for 3 nights.
A couple of days ago a woman came in and returned 3 red sticker rentals. They were 4 days late. I asked if she'd like to pay the late fee and this is what I got:

L - Late fee woman
M - Me, trying to enjoy Animal Crossing

M - Would you like to take care of your fee now?
L - No, I don't think it is fair! I'm going to talk to your boss about it!
M - *this should be fun* Why is that?
L - My kids were either told that the movies are for 5 nights or they read the sign wrong. I
shouldn't have to pay anything!
M - Well, we don't tell a person they can keep movies for a certain amount of days. We tell the
person the date the movies are due. In this case, whoever rented the movies to your kids
told them July 10th, not however many days from now.
L - Well it still isn't fair and I don't want to pay it!
M - Let's look at it this way. The movies are 4 days over due. You had them the original 3
days rental time, plus 4 more days. Even if what you are saying is true, and they were 5
day rentals, the movies would still be 2 days overdue and you would have a late fee!

After I said that she gave me the "go to hell and die look" and stormed out all huffy. I told my boss what happened when she came in and she just laughed and said "too bad". Hahaha

We keep our drop box locked while we're open. The boss wants people to come inside to return them. It makes it easier for us to get the movies back on the shelf. Everyone who rents here knows this. Why do I have people constantly trying to put them in the drop box!?! They'll stand out there and yank on the damn thing for a good 30 seconds to a minute before they realize it won't open. Then they'll come inside and get all pissed at me because it is locked. I explain the reason every single time, but it never fails. The next time they try to return something, they'll try to put it in the box as if some how, this time it will magically open.

I understand our movies are organized a bit funny. We have New Releases, Red Sticker, Classics/Yellow Sticker, and VHS.

No, we don't have a Christian section. I'm sorry, I can't point you to your Christian themed movies. They are mixed in alphabetically with all the other ones. If you don't know the title of what you're looking for, I can't help you.

Please don't come up to the counter and just demand a movie. That's not how it works. Take your happy ass up and down the aisles and LOOK for the movie you want. You bring me the case and money and I give you the movie. If you've looked and honestly can't find the movie you're looking for, I'll be happy to look it up in the computer and if we have it, pull it for you. No problem.

Last night I was looking up some random VHS for a customer and this teenage girl comes in. She sees me helping this other customer, so instead of looking for her movie, she just demands that I look it up and get it for her. My response? I tell her where to look and left it at that. If she wouldn't have been so demanding and condescending about it, I might have been more inclined to help. Whoops. I think I suddenly forgot how to look up movies. Oh well!

I know children can be a handful, especially if they haven't napped. The thing is, if you tell your child they can't have a movie because they aren't listening, stick to it! Don't start to back out of our parking lot, change your mind and come back in. Don't come back in and get the movie. What kind of example are you setting!? Hell, I wish my parents caved that easily. She's learning at an early age that mommy will roll over in 2 seconds. Way to go!!!

Also on the topic of kids: I am not getting paid to babysit. If your child goes running through the store, ripping dvds off the shelves, don't look at me like you expect me to clean up after your demon spawn. It isn't difficult to keep your child in line, I suggest you do so. I would be horrified if my child tried to act like that.

Don't you dare demand that I change the tv channel. Don't you dare try to reach over the counter and grab my remote. I will stab your hand with my pen. I don't give a flying fuck if you don't like whatever random, non offensive show I'm watching. I'm watching it, not you. If you want to watch tv so bad, go home!

We close at 10:00 Sunday-Thursday and 11:00 Friday and Saturday. Be happy we're open that late. The video store down the street closes at 8:00. Don't waltz in here at 10:15 on a Monday and expect me to let you get a movie. 90% of the lights are off, including our open sign. Don't get pissy at me when I ask you to leae. You're the dumbasses that walked into a dark store. I might have let you quickly grab a movie while I finished up my paperwork and left a note for my co-worker to put it in the system the next day when she opened, but your attitude squashed that option. Your need to bitch and bad mouth me under your breath to your friends pissed me off. Yes there are still a few lights on. I need to be able to see so I can finish my work. No, you aren't getting a movie. Go away!! first this job was so easy and I rarely had a sucky customer. Now it seems I have a few on each shift. Oh well...

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